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About Me

My professional career started in the field of Human Resources after completing a Masters in Organisational Psychology. Throughout various roles, I assisted people in finding motivation and guiding them to achieve their professional and personal goals, by providing advice on training and learning opportunities in line with interests and values.

After 20 years, my own professional interests and values evolved. Following my son’s diagnosis of a permanent severe hearing loss at a very young age, I experienced feelings of grief and a sense of loss due to the uncertainties of how he would be able to negotiate life with a disability.

This led to the desire to be able to help others in a similar situation and I decided to retrain as a counsellor to work with families experiencing life changes. In 2018, I completed a Graduate Diploma in Counselling at the Australian College of Applied Psychology.

Since then, I have been working in private practice working with a variety of clients. Most of them are at critical points in their life or within themselves when they can feel stuck or overwhelmed and do not know how to proceed to move forward or action change.

Always from a person-centred approach, I adapt how I work with diverse clients as they experience a broad range of challenges, related to mental health, physical disabilities, grief, trauma or addictions.

I am a registered with counsellor with PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia) and interested and committed to on-going learning to deepen my professional and personal knowledge. As such, I just finished my Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy in May 2023.

About: About Me
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